Leather Lounge Cleaning


Leather lounge cleaning and conditioning is important in preserving your valuable investment.

If leather cleaning and conditioning isn’t properly carried out, or leather protection is omitted, the beautiful rich colour and sheen of your new leather can become stained, cracked, dry and faded.

Leather has many advantages. It comes in a variety of colours and is pleasing to the touch, yet durable. It stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and becomes supple over time.

leather clean
Protect your lounge with regular professional cleaning.

However, without professional leather moisturisers and conditioners, this material quickly becomes dry worn and damaged.

With our climate on the Sunshine Coast Mould can also be a problem. We have great success in removing mould from Leather Lounges.

Follow this link to see results.  We are mould specialists

Pure Hygiene Cleaning’s unique approach to leather cleaning protects your leather against drying and premature aging.

Our Professional leather cleaner is PH neutral, a mild, water-based detergent, which will remove general soiling and stains while replacing conditioning moisture back into your lounge.

When the leather has been professionally cleaned and restored, a protective spray is applied that will protect and further enhance the appearance and protect the leather from wear, tear and spills .

Natural brilliance and shine is retained through the use of top quality leather moisturising-conditioning and cleaning products.

Pure Hygiene Cleaning’s leather cleaning technicians are experienced in dealing with a wide array of leathers and furnishings.
 Keeping your leather looking young with premium leather care products just like you do with your skin.
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