Mattress Cleaning on the Sunshine Coast


We are the professionals when it comes to mattress cleaning and  removing stains from your valuable furniture and bedding that others can not.

If you have a problem with odours we can help with those as well?

Odour & Stain Removal

Mattress Cleaning on the Sunshine Coast.

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Stains like: Cordial, ink, dye, grease, coffee, tea, red wine, oil, food colour, medicine, pet urine, faeces, vomit, make up, and many more.

Have your Mattress hygienically Cleaning to remove those little mishaps of Urine or other stains like mould or odours. They can be quickly removed,  so your cleaned mattress will be hygienic to sleep on that night.                                  

And will be dry 10-60 minutes.

Our Mattress Cleaning,  and stain removal System is based on a powerful, specially engineered portable cleaning device.

It generates incredible suction and use gentle vibration to shake the dirt loose from deep within your mattress,

While  extract the dust mites and other harmful debris that have accumulated in the mattress, to ensure your mattress is as hygienic as possible.


And if you suffer from allergies like hay-fever or Asthma,

Woman Sneezing

It is worth it to have your mattress hygienically  cleaned
to help remove dust mites & allergens for your health.

An allergy occurs when a person’s immune system reacts to substances in the environment or foods that are harmless for most people. These substances are known as allergens, and are found in-house dust mites, pets, pollen, insects, moulds, foods, food additives (like MSG) and some medicines such as penicillin. This immune reaction leads to allergic inflammation (redness and swelling).

Mattresses are an amazing trap for dirt, dust, and other allergens that, when left untreated, can make you and your family sick.

It is recommended to get your mattress cleaned every six to twelve months.

What is the process of having your Mattress Cleaned ?


  1. It begins with extraction of all forms of particles, debris, skin cells, dust mites and contaminants which have accumulate in your mattress.
  2. After the first stage is  complete, we attend to any stains or Odours that may be present on your mattress.
  3. And finally we apply a non-toxic  Anti-bacterial spray to help prevent dust mites and pathogens from proliferating in your mattress.   It is a  Anti-Microbial, spray with its fast acting and wide scope, it kills assorted types of bacteria  with a pleasant clean fragrance.

We clean for your hygiene and Health.leaf near water

Your mattress will be dry in 10-60 minutes …Not days.

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